Hi Guys! *Error Report*


Hi SirZeck Here!
Long time no see,whatsup hope u guys doing well,Thanks for keep supporting me :)

I Am Back
Sorry for my disappearance had some stuff that forced me have to abandoned  my site for a while,*cough* last semester *cough* .
now i've back and i saw so many messages were sent to me,sorry i cant reply at all.

However what i've notice that there are so many dead links or errors here and there and im planning to fix it all as soon as possible.
Please comment below and give me the link i'll fix it real fast.
and after that im going to update all new novels collection from last 7 months.



  1. konosuba is my favourite

  2. glad u finally came back man, it's ok. been through that as well...*pat2

  3. december:*god left*
    july: *god arrived

  4. Glad to see you back. I just discovered this site a few months ago, and I was kind of afraid it was dead.


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