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My Big is so little. Little breasts, little everything. My little Big always keeps her promises. She is careful about her appearance, ever mindful of what the occasion demands. My little Big always puts on a brave face–though every so often, she gives me a glimpse of her vulnerable side. As a present for her high school graduation, I plan to take my Big on a little overnight trip. To a place where we can find almost anything we want. To a place where there is so much to find we can’t find anything at all. To a place that will take us out of the ordinary. To Akibarhara, Tokyo. To Akiba. My Big and I head out…

English Title: The Akiba Labyrinth: A Little Trip with My Little Big
Japanese Title
: アキバ迷宮~小さな先輩と小旅行
Author: Maho
Illustrator: Chiwawa Iwasaki
Translator: Dawn Croft, Susumu Fukuhara
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Original Run: 2014
English Run: 2014


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