How to Download? (PC/Mobile)

This is Pc tutorial For Mobile tutorial [click here]


1.Before start downloading please turn of your adblock if you have any to help this site.

2.For novels that use solidfile link,after tutorial No.5 just scrolldown,i have made its tutorial below.


Mediafire tutorial

1.Find any novel you want to download by write it down in search corner or just scroll down to find one.


2.Click the title of the lightnovel


3.Scroll down to download link and click which volume you want to download.


4.You'll be directed to shortlink in this case ADF.LY and when it open wait for 5 seconds


5.After 5 seconds the link will appears click it (Skip this AD)Screenshot_5

6.You will be directed to Mediafire or Solidfile[Scroll Down For Solidfile tutorial],if auto direct not working click on this. Screenshot_6

7.After that you'll directed to mediafire or solidfile [Scroll Down For Solidfile tutorial],click on download button.Screenshot_7

8.The novel will be downloaded automaticly





Solidfile tutorial

6.You will be directed automaticly to Solidfile,Click download button(the blue one)Screenshot_10

7.The ads will pop up,just close it or click solidfile tab to back onto file.


8.Click the download button again (Blue button),if you are directed to the ads close it again,And re-do tutorial No.6 usually it'll happens about 1-3times.Screenshot_12

9.once it done,your novel will be downloaded automaticly.



Have any question? comment below.


  1. I need your. Help......
    After clicking adfly .. I'm getting this
    Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.
    How can I download ln

  2. It seems that the problem is on your country policy,You can use proxy site for it, if you are using mobile you can dl one of vpn app in playstore or you can dl anonymox add on if you are using pc, or just visit through one of any proxy site on internet,still have any problem juat reply me again. Ty. :)


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